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“It’s the undeniable quality of the songwriting that ties the album together, and the stories that Mitchell has to tell.” – Pop Dose

“For a debut, this twelve-track collection is a great introduction to an artist that’s sure to bring even more on his next release.” – Under the Gun Review

Keith Alan Mitchell is energetic and vibrant…. Alternative Country/Americana Folk at its best. – Nashville Music Guide

If you like to roll down your windows while driving, put your feet up on a porch, or settle down with a drink, Mitchell has some lyrics and an acoustic guitar with your name on it…. The pure honesty demonstrated is as refreshing as it is inspiring. – Guardian Liberty Voice

There is something captivatingly endearing about This Clumsy World that piques your attention, stimulates your thinking and entertains you from start to finish. – Music News

This is the perfect release for the upcoming summer months, great for car drives and road trips. – Live for Live Music / Empty Lighthouse

If you were worried that the days of sincere voices and thoughtful lyrics – in the same vein of male singer/songwriters as David Gray or Tom Petty – had long gone, fear not. Keith Alan Mitchell is here to set all things right again in your world. – LA Splash Magazine

This Clumsy World is a fine first album and not a hard one to fall in love with. –

San Francisco indie-folk guitarist Keith Alan Mitchell has written a great upcoming album. – Listen Here

From the opening notes of Keith Alan Mitchell’s upcoming solo debut called “This Clumsy World” it’s apparent that the singer-songwriter is at home in the realm of rural American music. – Monoblogue

San Francisco-based singer/songwriter Keith Alan Mitchell crafts a personable blend of rock and indie-folk, touching on aspects of human nature that are easy to relate to. – Obscure Sound

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