Things are moving along well in the early stages of recording the new EP. We had two full days at Bird & Egg Studio recording bass, drums, keyboards, and electric guitar. The studio is right around the corner from me, but I hadn’t worked there before. It has a really nice feel about. It’s not sleek or huge or ultra-modern, all of which can be sort of intimidating, but it also isn’t grungy or dated feeling. It really was just right – an excellent place to get comfortable quickly and get some great work done.

I have posted a couple snippets from the studio on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, but wanted to put a couple here as well. I’m due to get some more pics from the studio sometime soon. And there’s still lots more work to do before this will be a completed project – but the progress has been great so far.

Here’s me at home, playing along with the rhythm section for a little bit of “Introduce Ourselves”:

And here’s just a shaky iPhone recording of my listening back to some of the raw tracks from the song “Clich√©”:

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