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New shows, new tunes

Posted on Mar 7, 2015

I’ve just added four new Off the Grid appearances to the calendar. The holidays came and went, my annual New Year’s cold came and went, and a trip across the Pacific to the Philippines all marked the early part of the year. Somehow, already, it’s March, and Daylight Savings begins tonight. Spring – in the Bay Area – feels sprung. (Always odd to see photos of ice storms and hear news about school/airport closures back east around this time of year as winter continues to clutch tightly to it’s remaining few weeks, or – as I’m sure many folks hope – days.)

I’m also hard at work planning out my next release, recording solo demos at home for possible arrangements, determining which songs to use, whether it should be an EP or full-length, solo or full-band. We’ll see. I’m hoping to finish at least a couple more songs too – an ongoing process. A few newer songs that are complete will be unveiled at upcoming gigs, and I’ll likely have a video or two ready to go as well in the next few weeks.

I hope to see you – virtually or actually – in the coming weeks and months.

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