I was recently asked by a super-talented friend of mine, Dawn Gonzales, to participate in her “Freelance Friday” series of interviews. She’s talking to those in creative fields who are trying to make a go of it pursuing their chosen vocation. I love talking about things like this, and the interview was really fun. It was also surprisingly motivational. It gave me a chance to look at the last few months and sort of catalog what I’ve been up to, musically and otherwise which felt good. But it also made me actually put some goals that I hadn’t shared with anyone out there into the world. It also got me thinking about what the next goals are, and it required me to stop, step back and think a little – but not too long – about that big, complex, tangly question: “Why?”

So, check out the interview. And while you’re on Dawn’s site, definitely take a look at her work. She does really great stuff, from fabric design and illustration, to needlework… and, well, just about anything visual and artistic. She designed some really cool t-shirts for me, which I’ll have with me on tour and of course be making available on this site as well soon!



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