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Final CD Layout Proof is Done!

Posted on Mar 15, 2014

I’m thrilled to report that the final proof of the CD printing is done! The beautiful original artwork by Lena Gustafson and the outstanding layout work by Dawn Gonzales all came together great.

I know CDs are “old school” but I still love the idea of being able to hold something in your hand rather than only buying megabytes of data that get stored in the cloud.… I guess I’m old school too. Even if you’re not – think about listening on your iPhone or listening to tracks on Spotify (or Rdio – my personal favorite streaming service). You still see that album cover, so the look of it is still really important and a way to identify the album in the sea of possible choices.

No matter how “solo” a solo project is, it takes a lot of people to make an album become a reality. These are just a few of the great folks who helped out, and I couldn’t be prouder of the way the final product is going to look.

Final proof

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